Flowercalc is Hans Bloemen

I live in a small town in Germany, close to the border of Holland.

I collect early electronic calculators since beginning of 2001. At first I started to collect old computers and all calculators I could get, but space ( I had over 1600 different calculators) forced me to decide that I had to specialize myself. The key collection is the early nixie tube desktop calculators, early pocket calculators of the brands Hewlett Packard, Texas Instruments, Litronix and the russian brand Elektronika. 

My collection has more than  1000 calculators and additional items and contains nixie tube, (cathode) tube, red LED calculators and green VFD ones and several slide rules ( amongst them some cilyndrical ones) and other calculating devices.

If you want to buy one of these calculators or othe calculating devices, please email me. I can also send you a list in Excel of what I have for sale including the prices.

I have sold more than 2000 items with Ebay, with a 100% feedback. I hope that will be sufficient to trust me. I can receive payments to my IBAN account or to my Paypal account