Slide rules

Prices are in Euro. Shipping is not included. Shipping costs are the real costs according to the german post ofiice or within the EU a cheaper solution. I only ship with registered mail or insured mail.

If you want to buy one of these calculators or other calculating devices, please email me. I can also send you a list in Excel of what I have for sale including the prices.

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id brand and type category location price

 alro 300d
alro 300Dcircular slide rule

alro 500n  alro 500n circular slide rule K1 80
 alro 600e alro 600e circular slide rule K1 200
 alro 600ealro 600ecircular slide ruleK1200
 Alro denso alro denso circular slide rule K1 50
 alro ela
alro ELAcircular slide ruleK175
 alro muiderkring alro muiderkring circular slide rule K1 90
 Alro muiderkring small alro muiderkring small circular slide rule K1 60
 alro small alro small circular slide rule K1 50
 alro circular slide rule unknown b alro unknown type B circular slide rule 1 120
 alro WeR Version 2 alro WeR  ver2 circular slide rule K1 60
 alro WeR2 alro wer2 circular slide rule K1 70
 loga cylindrical
loga cylindrical 2.4mslide ruleK3SOLD
 KL 1
russian watch slide rule KL-1slide ruleK350
 ptt post alro ptt post circular slide rule slide rule K1 25
polish circular artillery slide rule 1953polish artillery  circular slide ruleslide ruleK175

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