Calculator Collection

Pocket calculators

The collection contains the following items :

Braun ET22

Calcupen Calcu-pen

Casio FX-191

Casio Micro Mini

Faber Castell TR-1

Hewlett Packard HP-35 red dot

Hewlett Packard HP-27

Hewlett Packard HP-29c

Hewlett Packard HP 20 series model

Keystone 2030

Kiddy Computer 2

Lego calculator

Olympia CD85

Panasonic 850

Panasonic 8210

Philips Executive

Philips P-62

Philips SBC-1745

Reactor TI-1250

Rockwell The 24K II

Sharp EL-8

Sharp EL-428

Sinclair Watch

Sperry Remington 665

Tamaya NC-77 Ned Lloyd Colombo

Texas Instruments USMC Harrier VSTOL/REST

Texas instruments Galaxy 40x specially adapted for the blind

Texas Instruments TM990 computer