Other electronic calculators

Prices are in Euro. Shipping is not included. Shipping costs are the real costs according to the german post ofiice or within the EU a cheaper solution. I only ship with registered mail or insured mail.

If you want to buy one of these calculators or other calculating devices, please email me. I can also send you a list in Excel of what I have for sale including the prices.

I have sold more than 2000 items with Ebay, with a 100% feedback. I hope that will be sufficient to trust me. I can receive payments to my IBAN account or to my Paypal account. I will ship within 2 days after receipt of the payment

I can answer you in English, German ( Deutsch ), Spanish ( Espaņol ), French (Francais ) and Dutch ( Nederlands )
If you want pictures in a better resolution, don't hesitate to email me

picture brand and type category location price
adler 816adadler 816 addesktop led greenM6
burroughs c5000
Burroughs c5000desktop led redO5
burroughs c5120Burroughs c5120desktop led red15
casio 121scasio 121sdesktop led green25
casio 121:casio 121 l desktop led greenL10
casio 121udesktop led redask !
casio as8dcasio as8ddesktop tubeF20
elektronika mk42 elektronika mk42 desktop led green B 10
elektronika mk56 desktop led green  5 ask !
elektronika mkw elektronika mksch2 desktop led green  B 10
elka 50melka 50m reddesktop led greenV25
facit 1114 facit 1114 tube 18
ibico 126ibico 126desktop led greenF6
kienzle 9020 Canonkienzle 9020desktop led greenW100
olympia cd100a
olympia cd 100Adesktop led green L20
olympia cd 102olympia cd 102desktop led green O18
olympia cd 102olympia cd 102desktop led green L18
olympia cd201olympia cd 201desktop led green O10
olympia cd401a olympia cd 401a desktop led green Q 30
olympia cp400 m71olympia cp400m71 printerO15
olympia cpd3212 desktop led greenL8
prinztronic c35prinztronic c35 desktop led greenE10
sanyo icc805sanyo icc805 desktop led greenT15
sharp cs 1102sharp cs1102 compet desktop led greenL13
sharp cs2101sharp cs2101 compet desktop led redV7
sharp cs2106sharp cs2106 compet desktop led redN7
sharp cs2108 compet desktop led red37ask !
sharp cs2122
sharp cs2122desktop led greenL7
sharp cd229sharp compet 229desktop led redO8
sharp el-160sharp el160tubeG100
singer 1200desktop led green52 ask !
te 8000tee te 8000desktop green led M6
ti 3500
texas instruments ti 3500desktop led redL5
ti 4040texas instruments ti 5050desktop printer L7
ti 5200 desktop led green  5 ask !
toshiba bc1204desktop led green E?ask !
triumph 1216triumph 1216desktop led greenM8
victor 204
victor medalist 204desktop led green W7
victor 204victor medalist 204desktop led green L15
walther 3005
walther 3005desktop led green M8