Other electronic calculators

Prices are in Euro. Shipping is not included. Shipping costs are the real costs according to the german post ofiice or within the EU a cheaper solution. I only ship with registered mail or insured mail.

If you want to buy one of these calculators or other calculating devices, please email me. I can also send you a list in Excel of what I have for sale including the prices.

I have sold more than 2000 items with Ebay, with a 100% feedback. I hope that will be sufficient to trust me. I can receive payments to my IBAN account or to my Paypal account. I will ship within 2 days after receipt of the payment

I can answer you in English, German ( Deutsch ), Spanish ( Espaņol ), French (Francais ) and Dutch ( Nederlands )
If you want pictures in a better resolution, don't hesitate to email me

picture brand and type category location price
adler 805 addesktop led green38 ask !
anita 1211lsi desktop led red 3 ask !
burroughs c2000desktop led red printer37ask !
burroughs c2000desktop led red printer37ask !
burroughs c5000desktop led red38ask !
burroughs c5000desktop led red40ask !
burroughs c5000desktop led red45ask !
burroughs c5000desktop led red37ask !
casio 101sdesktop led green40 ask !
casio 121sdesktop led green45 ask !
casio 121udesktop led redask !
casio as8dcasio as8ddesktop tubeF15
casio hr16bxdesktop led green printer52 ask !
casio hr150ladesktop lcd grey printer38 ask !
citizen 800kdesktop led green38 ask !
compucorp 340compucorp  340panaplexC40
elektronika mk42 desktop led green  52 ask !
elektronika mk56 desktop led green  5 ask !
elektronika mksch2 desktop led green  52 ask !
elka 50m reddesktop led green36ask !
facit 1111facit 1111tubeC40
facit 1114 tube ask !
facit 1114tubeask !
facit 1114tube36ask !
facit c300desktop led green printer38 ask !
general teknika 1200general teknika 1200desktop led greenFSOLD
hermes 330desktop led green37ask !
ibico 126desktop led green38ask !
kienzle 9020desktop led green53ask !
 mbo k80wdesktop led green45ask !
 monroe 2890  MK IIIdesktop led green printer33ask !
olivetti divisumma18unknown 4ask !
olivetti divisumma18 unknown  52 ask !
olympia cd 102desktop led green 38ask !
olympia cd 201desktop led green 36ask !
olympia cd 401a desktop led green 20
olympia cp400m71 printer49ask !
prinztronic c35prinztronic c35 desktop led greenE10
royal 120 desktop led green52ask !
sanyo icc805 desktop led green40ask !
sharp cs1115 compet desktop led green35ask !
sharp cs2101 compet desktop led red36ask !
sharp cs2108 compet desktop led red37ask !
sharp compet 229desktop led red37ask !
sharp el-160sharp el160tubeG85
sharp el-160sharp el160tubeG85
Sharp Micro Competsharp qt8d  micro compettubeDSOLD
sharp QT8B sharp qt8b  micro compet tube E SOLD
singer 1200desktop led green52 ask !
tee te 1201desktop led red 35ask !
ti 5200 desktop led green  5 ask !
toshiba bc1204desktop led green 38ask !
victor medalist 204desktop led green 38ask !

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