Nixie tube and other older tube calculators

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taxation price brand and type category location price
addo 9958 addo 9958 desktop nixie  E SOLD
anita gs10d dekatron tubeanita mk series GS10D dekatron tubedesktop nixie K140
 anita MK nixie digitnixie digit for Anita calculator parts nixie calculatorK160
casio 121A casio 121a desktop nixie K3 130
casio al-1000 casio al1000 desktop nixie  HOK 750
casio asacasio asadesktop nixieK3130
casio asa casio asa desktop nixie K3 130
casi asacasio asadesktop nixie PSOLD
casio asc casio asc desktop nixie  U SOLD
contex d31contex d31desktop nixieN250
denon dec412
denon dec412d desktop nixie T 75
denon dec 412d
denon dec412ddesktop nixieJ
denon dec412
denon dec412ddesktop nixie V60
olympia cd300 m71 olympia cd300m71 desktop nixie F 75
olympia cd300 m71
olympia cd300m71desktop nixieN75

olympia cd 701
olympia cd701 desktop nixie G SOLD
sharp compet cs 22 sharp compet 22 desktop nixie  Q 80
sharp compet 22sharp compet 22desktop nixie GSOLD
sharp cs242sharp compet 242desktop nixieQSOLD
sharp compet 364r sharp compet364r desktop nixie T SOLD
silverreed se 802 silverreed se802 desktop nixie  Q SOLD
singer friden ec1114singer friden ec1114desktop nixie PSOLD
singer 1114singer friden ec1114desktop nixie HOKSOLD
singer friden ec1114 singer friden ec1114 desktop nixie  M 150
singer friden ec 1115singer friden  ec1115desktop nixie N85
singer friden ec1117 nixiesinger friden ec1117desktop nixieN150
singer friden ec 1117 singer friden ec1117 desktop nixie T SOLD
  singer friden ec1118 desktop nixie ?? 150
singer friden 1160tube HOKask !
singer friden 1162tube HOKask !
sony sobax icc500 sony sobax icc500e desktop nixie  K1 SOLD
sony sobax icc 600sony sobax icc600edesktop nixieB175
remington lektronic sperry remington  lektronic desktop nixie B SOLD
  toshiba bc 1621 toscal desktop nixie U SOLD
 toshiba bc-1623toshiba bc 1623desktop nixieP150
 walther etr2
walther etr2desktop nixieQ80
wang dust coverdesktop nixie3ask !