Calculator Collection


The collection contains the following items ( or parts of them ) :

Apple Macintosh SE

apple mac se

Apricot F1

apricot F1

Holborn 6100

Holborn 6140

IBM 701  year 1953

IBM lgic module

IBM Plugboard 604 1950s

ibm plugboard

IBM 604 Module Vacuum Tube

ICL 1901 Plugboard 120451 ZO

ICL 1901 core memory late 1960s

icl memory

1 kb core memory Univac 1004

  DEC Digital PDP-11 Planar Core Memory

DEC Digital PDP-11

250 bytes core memory
1K core memory

2 kb core memory
small 2K core memory

Magnetic Core IME

IME core memory

Unia mouse

unia mouse

HP punch card

hp punch card

Sinclair ZX81

sinclair zx81

IBM 8 inch diskette

ibm 8 inch diskette

Nashua 4464 harddisk 80 MB

Nashua 4464 harddisk