Calculator Collection


The collection contains the following items ( or parts of them ) :

Apple Macintosh SE

apple mac se

Holborn 6100

IBM 701  year 1953

IBM lgic module

IBM Plugboard 604 1950s

ibm plugboard

ICL 1901 late 1960s

icl memory

1 kb core memory Univac 1004

  DEC Digital PDP-11 Planar Core Memory

DEC Digital PDP-11

1 kb core memory
1K core memory

2 kb core memory
small 2K core memory

Magnetic Core IME

IME core memory

Unia mouse

unia mouse

HP punch card

hp punch card

Sinclair ZX81

sinclair zx81

IBM 8 inch diskette

ibm 8 inch diskette

Nashua 4464 harddisk 80 MB

Nashua 4464 harddisk